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I'm Sarah Parker. 

I help high-achievers, rebels, misfits, badasses and unicorns, figure out how to stop playing small, stop feeling miserable and learn to fully step into the version of themselves that lets them live the brave, adventurous, amazing life they want. 

I’m Sarah Parker. I’m a life coach who loves people and business.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 19.

I made my first 100K when I was 26 by selling hand-knit hats in the ski industry.

I’ve founded and have run two 7-figure businesses.

I’m certified at the Life Coach School and in Corinne Crabtree’s NOBS Advanced Certification.

As a scholar of the Life Coach School, I finally learned to love myself and my business and it’s been the best ride ever.

I love helping high-achievers, rebels, misfits, badasses, unicorns, figure out how to stop playing small, stop feeling miserable and learn to fully step into the powerhouses that they are so they can live the brave, adventurous, amazing life they want. 


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I was featured on the Life Coach School Podcast


Ep #359: How to Do Well with Extraordinary Scholars

Listen to this episode where Brooke Castillo features 8 scholars who are extraordinary at doing the work taught at the Life Coach School. 

P.S. - I'm in the last 10 min!!! It was so fun. I'm forever grateful to what Brooke Castillo has created. 

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People who work with me say... 


Sarah offers professional, steadfast guidance on all of the personal and professional goals I've brought to her over the last 17 months.

Coaching with Sarah is like steroids for my confidence and resolve. When I get off the phone with Sarah I'm ready to take on anything I can think up. Thank you for lifting my thoughts up and guiding me through this recent particularly uncertain time.

I highly recommend working with Sarah and Iook forward to working with her in the future when embarking on new professional adventures and navigate other life challenges.   - Kami

I have known Sarah for many years and have always admired her clarity and focus. She has always seemed to have her finger on the pulse of how to get things done. I have seen her create and run businesses, what seemed at times, out of nothing.

She is unbelievably savvy and now with her training in ‘Thought Work’, she is unstoppable! She has been amazing at helping me to break down my big dreams in to small steps to keep propelling me forward. 

I am so excited to see where she guides me on my next business venture. I would follow her anywhere!- Cassandra 

Sarah has helped me to radically transform my life! In the past year of working with her, I have accomplished at least three major goals that seemed out of reach before.  I would try for them and then just spin out over and over again.

Sarah has given me the tools to coach myself through overwhelm, anxiety and doubt. I have been able to re-write my old stories of struggle and create a view of myself that is empowered, flexible and limitless.

Sarah believes in me in a way that I cant help but to be on board with her, to move forward anyways, to just keep on going. And my life is completely different than it was a year ago, I feel so much peace and love for things that I had so many stories about before, that things were wrong or not working, that the people around me needed to change.

I lived in a lot of doubt and resistance and I have to say that so much of that is quiet now. I am moving forward boldly and confidently towards my goals, living in my dream life today as I do that and I attribute SO much of this work I'm doing now to Sarah's support and guidance.

Sarah is clear, present, consistent and relentlessly there for me. I have recommended Sarah to so many of my friends and colleagues. 

I come away from every session with Sarah ready to take on my day with fierce confidence. That drive and excitement for each day is worth it's weight in gold.

Sarah is masterful at what she does!! 

I feel so excited for what to come! Thank you Sarah! - Kathryn